Welcome to the Dj Creations web site. We are pleased that you have visited our web site and would like to thank you for taking an interest in our company activated in the sector of event coverage. Our aim is to provide our clients with information and ideas for the best time of their life which may be their wedding party, their company party, their social event, or any other occasion with the provision of music, sound equipment, lightning and audiovisual solutions. We also offer the best quality services satisfying your high volume needs and requirements, making thus the difference.

Dj George Emmanouilides has the entire infrastructure permitting him to handle effectively both his support team (technicians, Dj's, live bands) as well as his high-tech equipment consisting of sound and audiovisual solutions with a view to perfectly fulfilling the needs of your events, catering at the same time for its absolute success.   

You were all favourably impressed by the events you attended both because of the uniqueness of our suggestions and the distinctiveness of your personal style.

The success and the security of your event are guaranteed by the love, the knowledge and the experience of the professional staff of the Dj Creations company.

The result is guaranteed and fully customised with the tangible evidence of the organisation of more than 6,000 events all over Greece for more than fifteen years of effective operation of our company. Wedding parties account for the greatest percentage of the events we organize where everybody danced through the night until the very first hours of the day.

You will just chose us and the rest lies upon us based entirely on your desires and requirements concerning the music and the equipment selected.

It is an undeniable fact that our professionalism, our integrity and our fantasy will amaze both you and your guests who will attend a really successful event …. YOUR EVENT!

For this reason, Dj Creations MAKES THE DIFFERENCE WITH MUSIC.